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Cosmetic serum boxes as part of the cosmetic packaging and offer are extremely important, as they are used in the presentation of cosmetics, namely serums. Since the current market has been invaded by e-commerce, and the level of competition is rising continually, any given business must have quality and interesting packaging. 

In this article, we will also discuss how to design custom serum boxes USA in detail and the practical suggestions.

Choosing the Right Material

The process of creating serum box packaging may begin with selecting the material for the containers. The material must be able to hold the product and should be able to be recycled and environmentally friendly. Some of the most common materials used include cardboard and paperboard. Selfl, lighting, and buttons should be carefully chosen in terms of weight and thickness to protect the product. For instance, in case the serum is a delicate product that requires proper handling during transportation, a thicker material will be appropriate for the packaging.

Determining the Ideal Size

The next decision to make is the size of the customization on the destination custom cosmetic display boxes. Reset the box size to closely match the dimensions of the product and make sure there is enough space for the product to have some freedom of movement. Do not forget the relations concerning the dimensions of the product and also other details like droppers or applicators. The better shape of this box should be able to hold the particular product without the overall sense of the product feeling that it is confined in a tight space.

Incorporating a Window Design

Specifying an additional window to the current package with the custom serum packaging boxes can be helpful when it comes to product presentation. Due to the lack of additional costs like extra packaging, it helps customers to see the product without having to open the packaging hence making a positive contribution to creating business and making the shopping experience a joy. When selecting a material for the window, it is essential to select one that is clear, bright, and easy to clean so that it lasts for a long time as expected.

Focusing on High-Quality Printing

One must achieve good quality when undertaking print production for custom-printed serum boxes. To start with, use good quality ink and paper to enhance the quality of the work done and to make it more durable. Choose the method of printing (e.g. offset printing, digital print etc) depending on the number of copies required and the level of detailing envisioned on the T-shirt. When designing a poster, it is important to use a crisp image that is well-defined and in clear font.

Creating a Custom Design

Custom design is especially important while designing custom printed serum boxes because it will help designers and manufacturers create the right brand image which will be appealing to the target audience. For instance, reflect on its colour, the logo, and the early impressions it gives to the customers. Make sure the design is easily recognizable and stands out. As such a perfectly designed box can go a long way in creating the corporate image and touch your company aims to give its consumers.


Creating custom serum boxes involves the philosophy of art and technology added to aesthetic skills. Therefore when applying the various strategies outlined here, new entrants in the industry will be able to design quality custom serum boxes that can adequately market the products, adequately protect the products during and after they have been shipped, and also improve the experience of the consumers. This guide offers a step-by-step guide on how to design from scratch and place to all kinds of markets with best practices.

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