Bhulekh, the Land Records Web Portal of the Government of India, is a significant initiative that enables property management and knowledge in the country digitally. This detailed guide aims at giving you comprehensive information about how the system functions and the benefits associated with it, such as income tax benefits, home loans, and more.

What is Bhulekh?

Bhulekh is a land record term used in India that signifies ‘Bhu’-land and ‘Lekh’-write up or record. It is a digital portal offering a consolidated database of land records from various states across India. Every state in India maintains its Bhulekh portal, managed by the respective state government and the Department of Revenue.

How Does Bhulekh Work?

Bhulekh aims to digitize the purchase, transfer, and selling of properties, and land, particularly in rural areas. This initiative encourages transparency and aims at eliminating fraudulent activities in land transactions. In Bhulekh, data is stored digitally, allowing people to access crucial information about lands and properties, such as ownership, area, type of soil, etc.

Bhulekh Access Steps

Using this Bhulekh detailed guide, accessing the land records is a simple process. You need to visit the respective state’s Bhulekh portal, select a relevant district, tehsil, and village. A RoR (Record of Rights) view then opens up where you can search the records through Khata number, plot number, or the owner’s name.

Income Tax Benefits

Bhulekh is not only an essential portal for property transactions but also plays a crucial role in claiming income tax benefits. A taxpayer can claim deductions under Section 80C of the income tax act for payments made towards the purchase or construction of a new house property. The tax benefits will primarily be related to the investment made in acquiring the land or property, obtained through the Bhulekh land records. Accurate documentation and clear land titles are essential to claim these tax benefits.

Role in Home Loan Processing

While applying for a home loan, it is essential to prove that the land or property you are investing in is legitimate, and there’s no dispute. Banks and financial institutions mandate it for the borrowers to submit an array of documents that attest to the property’s legality, including the land records. It is here that Bhulekh’s digitized and easily accessible land records become highly resourceful. Thus, digitized land records access makes the home loan application process hassle-free and faster.

Importance of Bhulekh

Bhulekh has revolutionized land and property management by bringing all records online, making them easily accessible. With clear land records, property owners can claim their rights without any conflicts. This digitization endeavor also helps government authorities to monitor land-related disputes efficiently, carry out plantation drives, and implement welfare schemes better.

It also helps in the effective management of natural resources and town planning, considering the land utilization patterns provided in the records. The real estate developers also gain from Bhulekh as they can quickly check the property status before purchasing, thus reducing the risk of land disputes.


The Bhulekh portal is a much-needed technological intervention in India’s property and land management sector, designed to eliminate misinformation, corruption, and conflicts. It offers a transparent, accessible platform to both property owners and prospective buyers to access reliable land records. It plays a critical role in claiming income tax benefits, home loan processing, and more.

This Bhulekh detailed guide hopefully provides an extensive understanding of Bhulekh, its working, and benefits. The digitization of land records is indeed a stepping stone towards the larger goal of creating an integrated, efficient, economically vibrant, and transparent land market system. Whether you’re an existing property owner, a prospective buyer, a taxpayer, or a home loan borrower, Bhulekh is an essential platform that you must familiarize yourself with.

The Bhulekh portal revolutionizes India’s land management, combating misinformation and corruption. Providing transparent access to reliable land records, it empowers owners and buyers alike. Vital for income tax benefits and home loan processing, it’s a crucial tool in fostering transparency and efficiency in property dealings. Real estate developers also benefit from Bhulekh as it enables them to swiftly verify the status of properties before purchase, thereby minimizing the risk of land disputes.

The exploration does not end here; keep learning and discovering more about this essential digital tool, which surely is handy and empowers every Indian citizen by offering accessible, reliable land and property data.

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